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On Hold Solutions provides Adelaide businesses with the latest digital technology for in store music players message and on hold equipment. Our instore music players far outweigh the competition when comparing price, feature, and function. These in store music players make it simple for you to implement custom music playlists and advertising messages for your workplaces, retail spaces, and public areas throughout Adelaide, South Australia, and nationwide.
We also provide quality digital message on hold equipment that plays professional sounding messages on hold and music on hold for your business phone lines.

Adelaide On Hold Equipment & On Hold Players
There are a variety of MOH 1200 digital on hold players to suit businesses of all sizes and needs. You can choose from onboard memory versions with SD Card capability, or USB Thumb Drive which has the ability to encrypt your audio so your recordings are not duplicated.
For complete info and specs on the our digital on-hold audio player equipment, just click here.

Adelaide Instore Sound Equipment & Instore Music Players
Our instore music equipment is the best way to install custom music and commercials in your retail store or workplace. These units run locally on removable SD Cards that can update over a simple network FTP configuration for either single or multiple sites.
For complete info and specs on the our digital on-hold audio player equipment, just click here.

On Hold System and Instore Sound Resellers Adelaide
We offer discounted rates exclusively to verified telecommunications companies for our in store music equipment and on hold message players. By offering your customers the best in store sound equipment, you can integrate the latest technology into your current sales plan. Please contact us to discuss your telephone on hold equipment, on hold player and instore music requirements.